Our Story

Blue Hand Origin

Blue Hand was founded by husband and wife team, Tracy Tang and Arnie Cullipher in 1994. They were introduced to the art of batiking while backpacking in Bali. For almost a decade, Tracy and Arnie lived in Bali. Learning to speak Indonesian , enabled them to empower the artisans to design batik for market opportunities like Ten Thousand Villages.

Fair Trade Accreditation

Blue Hand joined the International Federation of Alternative Trade (IFAT) in 1996 to ensure our customers of our commitment to fair trade practices.  In 2004, Blue Hand was among the initial companies to be accredited by IFAT (now WFTO – World Fair Trade Organization) as a Fair Trade Organization.  Blue Hand is committed to the WFTO principles and was among the first North American members of the Fair Trade movement. Blue Hand also became a member of the Fair Trade Federation in 2015. 

Blue Hand Scarves & Sarongs

We at Blue Hand are proud in assist in the art of batiking. Blue Hand sarongs and scarves are made of the highest quality rayon. They will not run, shrink or fade. The fabrics are created through the traditional Indonesian art of batiking. This batiking process involves applying hot wax to the fabric, dyeing the fabric and finally boling the was off to reveal the design underneath. The completed fabric dries in the sun. Each color represents a dyeing a waxing process and all is done by hand. Batik is an artisan's handmade intepretation, slight variations in each batch making it unique. 

 The Art of Batiking

 The Artisans



Ten Thousand Villages' store managers and administrators on a learning tour to Bali in 2013 and Arnie with Bali Prodution Manager Ketut. Tracy, Arnie & Ketut , celebrate 20 years together as Team Blue Hand in 2014.