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Summer Long Dress - Worn loose & fancy free or cinched at the waist for a more structured look. Our New Summer dress is one size fits most.  From beach to bistro, perfect at the beach as a cover up transitioning to the bistro with a cinch.  

We at Blue Hand are proud in assist in the art of batiking. Blue Hand products are made of the highest quality rayon. They will not run, shrink or fade. The fabrics are created through the traditional Indonesian art of batiking. This batiking process involves applying hot wax to the fabric, dyeing the fabric and finally boling the was off to reveal the design underneath. The completed fabric dries in the sun. Each color represents a dyeing a waxing process and all is done by hand. Batik is an artisan's handmade interpretation, slight variations in each batch making it unique. 

Size: One Size Fits Most - ( Size US 8-10 )
Material: 100% Rayon
Care: Machine Wash & Dry